Our Story

Serenity Performing Arts Centre is owned and operated by Shirley de Vooght on her private acreage in Birch Island, BC. Through devastating loss and heartache, Shirley embarked on a journey of the soul that led her to transform her entire property and personal home into a performing arts space.  It has been a long road, but she has learned first hand that music heals and hopes to provide this gift to others each time they attend a show.

It began with Shirley feeling deeply moved to share her natural surroundings with others.  Nestled above the North Thompson River with the mountains towering above and a creek that runs directly through the property, it doesn't take long to realize why she named it Serenity.  Small bridges dispersed throughout the grounds add to the ambiance, with wood fences that hug each corner of the fields. A sprawling horse pasture lies directly beside the main outdoor stage and the train tracks line the edge of the river down the bank.  It truly is a magnificent place. Aside from the large outdoor stage on the acreage, there is an enchanting garden stage built off of the deck of the house, and a custom indoor house stage that faces directly into the sunken living room. Without question, Shirley has dedicated her entire indoor and outdoor living space to provide artists with a place to share their music.

Through transforming her own home into a music venue, there is a sense of family, community and intimacy that is ever present.  Performing artists receive warm hospitality that includes on-site accommodation and fresh home-cooked meals made possible by the venue's exceptional team of volunteers.  Shirley and her passionate team spend the days designing posters, promoting the shows, cooking meals for the bands, baking cheesecakes for the audience, maintaining the expansive grounds, preparing and cleaning the house for rotating guests, and being gracious hosts for both the artists and the audience.  Aiming to provide a place of belonging and acceptance, Serenity is where people can relax, reflect, and connect with friends new and old.