The best concert venue for amateur musicians

We know how difficult it is for new musicians who start to make it in the big music industry and that is why we have a welcome offer as a promotion tool for music lovers.

Canadian bands will be thrilled to learn that we give them a stage to play in a safe environment! 2019 will be a year of entertainment.

A top surrounding for a performing arts centre

Canada has a beautiful landscape and is rich with nature and big wide open space. You are welcome to come to Serenity and compare it with other venues if you wish. You do not need to register anywhere and in fact, many people come for a visit without registration. And we want everyone to discover our 45 acres dedicated to music and arts.

Upon registration enjoy our homemade meals

We love taking care of our guest and that is why we cook meals for all of our guests! The meals are not free, but we do offer a cheesecake which has been ranked in the top list of cakes in the region. We are proud to have such a trusted and fast catering on our land in Canada. For more details on the menu, there are a few examples:

  • Soup of the day
  • Canadian bacon and poutine
  • Tourtière
  • Bannock

You have the option to book your stay and food online and pay with Interac. We do not take deposits, either you can pay the full amount or pay when you arrive.

Online information or visit us

If anything is unclear, you can reach us either by filling out the contact form below or by coming to see us at Serenity. We love visitors! You can come for just one day or enjoy a longer stay. The form below is there for you, no account needed to use it.

How to proceed to play at Serenity

All you need to do to play with your band, or as a single artist is to send us a demo and a picture of you. Tell us about you and we will get back to you within 7 days. The only requirement is that you have never signed with a label before. May the adventure begin!